A Gentle Warning

Something to keep in mind...

Let’s say you’re a decent golfer who wants to become a great golfer. You have good natural ability and coordination, but you’re plateauing. So you go to a golf pro, who proceeds to teach you a new way to swing.

At first, it’s very possible - even likely - that you’ll play WORSE for a while. Your old instincts are battling with the new information. But you realize that if you want to become a great golfer, your old instincts just weren’t gonna get you there. So you keep practicing with the pro’s advice, and eventually, you’re at a new level. Maybe not Tiger Woods-level, but better.

Learning verbal technique can work the same way. At first, you may be confused and tentative about your original instincts as you apply what you’ve learned. But after a while, you may find a happy blend between your instincts and the new technique, where both work in concert to get you through tough questions.

Just persevere through the awkward stage, and you’ll get there.